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Monday, March 24, 2008

Random thoughts on time management

I have always loved using what little downtime I have as "Craft Time." Crocheting, knitting, cross stitch (not so much now as I used to), painting little ceramic figurines and t-shirts -- so long as it doesn't involve me actually drawing something. I can't draw. I know HOW to sew (pretty well actually) and choose not to do so if at ALL possible. I started learning scrapbooking last Summer (2007) and really enjoy that too. But it's all about the time!

I bring my yarn with me everywhere I go. There is almost always a small project within reach or in the car. I find socks are a wonderful time-filler in between court hearings or while waiting for a trial list to be called. I always was opposed to knitting socks because I couldn't get past the idea that I could go to Target (pronounced in the French style) and buy them for so much less money. Then, I had minor surgery in September of 2007 on my wrist. I wasn't allowed to knit or crochet for a week (I wasn't supposed to write either, but I'm left handed and had about 15 hearings that week). It was also very uncomfortable for awhile after to knit anything with any weight so I bit the bullet, used a couple of books and a great website to teach myself how to knit socks and never looked back.

Summer swim practices and meets are a great time to work on afghans (usually crocheted). Crocheting is completely mindless for me -- I've been doing it forever. I could try and be moralistic and say something like "The Devil likes idle hands," but that's simply not true -- I just like to feel yarn in my hands and it's very soothing to K.I.P. (knit in public) because I can pretend that I'm focusing on a very difficult stitch when, in reality, I hate sitting around wasting good Yarn Time!

My kids and husband don't get it (my oldest daughter does a little since she is a wonderfully talented crafter herself). I've mentioned Ryan's love of all things knitted for him, but the others are just as "knit needy." Sweaters with hoods, gloves, hat replacement and just a hint of expectation that "Mom is going to make me something" that permeates the house on a regular basis. Of course, it would be uncool for the older boys to actually ASK for something and there is the ongoing Chip's sweater issue (STILL haven't found a pattern I like that doesn't require me to knit it up in pieces and sew!). Four friends have either just had or are about to have babies -- new babies should have something handmade.

The list is endless. I can't even take the time to list everything I need to make on Ravelry. BUT... the pair of pedicure socks I'm almost half done are for ME... not for the kids or the husband (ok.... Jenny is too young for pedicure socks and Melissa has a pair; the boys probably wouldn't want those)... mine, mine, all mine! I honestly can't remember the last time I made something for myself.

Going to knit now.


Melissa said...

you are such a dork...but i love the socks!! oh yeah, and you!


Crafty Attorney said...

Hmmmm... I'm a dork. I seem to remember a request for a hooded sweater and excitement about pink socks from a certain eldest child on Easter.

Love you too :)