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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trying something new

My sister has, for about a year, been earning money from home by writing blog posts.  I'm not going to take things that far, but when Blogger added the Amazon link, I decided to try this out.  What's amusing is that I tried to add a link to Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious recently and was unable to do so.  Changing our diets by hiding food has been an incredible experience -- the kids know we're hiding veggies because Mark is so NOT subtle about it.  They are eating healthy, I am shopping in produce aisles and am looking forward to fresher produce as Spring and Summer approach.

Kids are doing great!  Melissa and Mike are making wedding plans. Chip loves teaching, loves his freedom, loves his new car. Mark Jr. went to Venice this weekend, also bought a car, was named Innovator of the Month for his squadron in February (he just told me today) and continues to love the Air Force as he approaches his 1st year anniversary on April 13th.  Ryan is taking karate in the off-season from swimming, still playing cello and loving the freedom to run around with his friends.  Jenny and her friends are inseparable -- playdates turned into family dinners both Friday and Saturday night this weekend; we are thankful that these three wonderful little girls have brought us new friends and a new social life.  Jenny continues to love school, swimming and ballet.

I finally joined Socks for Soldiers, Inc. and am in the process of knitting my first official pair of regulation socks.  This is a wonderful organization that just celebrated its fourth year.  The knitting is structured, but worthwhile.  I am also finishing a sweater for a friend of mine's baby and then will be making another one for another friend who is due in May.  Meanwhile, I've finished two of the three "Best Friend" sweaters for Jenny and Kayla and have the yarn for Katie's.  I can't explain enough how MUCH these little girls love each other!  Also on the needles are a pair of plain gray vanilla-patterned socks for Mark and a pair of green Eagles socks for me in a mock cable.  I recently made three hats for Ryan and his two best friends as well as the girls' sweaters.

The Eagles traded Donovan McNabb.  I would have been turning cartwheels down the street on my new, chicken-cartiledge-injected knees IF they had gotten something good in the trade and IF Michael Vick was going to be the new QB... draft picks and Kevin Kolb...?  Nope.  Not so much.  Phillies look good (not that I'm watching... I promise... not until August or they lose).

Work...... BLECH!!!!!!  I am busy and most of my clients are not making me TOO crazy, but the few who ARE making me crazy are doing so in spades.

Politics....??????  Read the post from a month or so again.  It's the 10 Amendment, Stupid.  It's not "whose spending more money on what pet project."  If it isn't authorized by the Constitution, the federal government needs to get the heck out of it!!!!  That includes health care, marriage, crimes, prayer in schools and anything else not specified