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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

I have had a delightfully sluggish day! Since Easter dinner is a pre-baked Honey Baked Ham and twice-stuffed potatoes, everything is already done so I took the opportunity to expolre On Demand movies and watched "The Interpreter" with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. REALLY worth watching and incredibly well acted. I also worked on my own pedicure socks since my daughter's pair was (reluctantly) placed into her and the boyfriend's Easter basket where they belonged.

As to the hat posted yesterday, it was knit from Charmed Knits which is a non-authorized Harry Potter knitting book. I picked it up last year because I thought I might make something for the kids, but the "beanie pattern" is the only one I've used so far. I love Harry Potter, but am really not into knitting "yarn cozies" or other things in the book. I have so many kids, family members and friends having babies that my knitting and crocheting tends more toward the practical.

Some notes on the pattern... I have made several of these (Ryan consistently loses his hats -- I keep meaning to get labels that say "handmade by... " so he can find them at the Lost-n-Found at his school) and I think the ribbing at the brim is too short. The hat tends to flip up along the ribbing because it's only an inch wide. I'm planning on making the beret for my niece (along with some mittens) so I plan to try a wider brim -- maybe 1 1/2 inches instead of only 1 inch. The pattern itself took less than 3 hours to knit -- it's done in the round on circular needles and double points at the top. Probably not a beginner piece, but advanced beginner/intermediate for sure. I prefer round knitting so it's a quick, "oh no! I forgot to shop yesterday" option. Who am I kidding??? I rarely forget to shop

I wish all of you a Blessed and Happy Easter... the picture is of little Jenny's face today when she found the Princess pail the Bunny had left her and discovered that Peeps make an AWESOME breakfast!

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