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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Long Weekend AT LAST

I am on the verge of collapse. My game plan for the week had been to work through Wednesday and then take a long weekend when my hubby was off from teaching -- including Easter Monday when the kids will be back at college/in school but HIS school district has off. The best laid plans of mice and men.....

Monday: St. Patrick's Day -- walked into a maelstrom of clients who want things done NOW (that can easily wait about a month in most cases). Forgot my knitting when I had a three and one-half hour CLE (continuing legal education class) on the science behind the use of DNA -- parts were exceptional, but could have EASILY been knitting through it and still learning!

Tuesday: Protection from Abuse court -- the armpit of Family Law practice and was one of FOUR lawyers in a case and the only lawyer who wasn't billing by the hour -- need I say more?!?! Good thing I only go to PFA court once or twice a year.

Wednesday: Supposed to be the "wrap up day"; getting everything done so I could have a 5 day weekend. Got into the office before 8 a.m., checked voice mail and BLAMMO!!!! my day went to some dark place from which I could only pray that I could claw my way out. Because of the pre-eight phone message, I knew I wasn't going to be taking Thursday off; by my own choice -- it was an injustice fighting thing that was going to bring me to court the next day. Met with the client for Thursday, got the appellate stuff that was DUE done and filed.

And then the mail came bringing with it a document, dated March 6th, but not mailed until March 18th, with a 20 day deadline and a client who just doesn't seem to understand that the 13th amendment outlawed slavery -- mine. No, I will NOT call you back after 5 p.m. on Holy Thursday. No, I will NOT call on Good Friday for your convenience. No, I am not calling you on Saturday. Leave a freakin' number where I can reach you during non-holiday business hours and what part of "I MUST SPEAK TO YOU NOW OR YOUR CASE WILL BE DISMISSED" do you NOT understand?!?!?!?!? I have been representing (court-appointed -- I have not been paid a dime) this client for over a year and have been told by her/him that (a) I am required to have a secretary; (b) that he wants access to my home (unlisted) telephone number because I have her/his home number; (c) s/he is available on her/his schedule and I am required to contact her/him then. This whole blog could be filled with a rant against this ONE client -- I have never had a more difficult one.

Thursday: PFA Court again -- twice in one week???? Got a great result though. Couldn't reach the Monster Client despite having left a specific message that if s/he wasn't going to be available, a number needed to be left where I could reach her/him. Left new message (with my associate as a witness) that I would call back on March 25th between 8 and 8:30 a.m. and that the client needs to be available for my call. Had lunch with best (male) friend and cheated on weight watchers HORRIBLY -- that was one YUMMY lunch. Came home, finished Pedicure Socks for oldest daughter (including weaving in ends!!), watched "Enchanted" which was completely adorable and passed out.

Going to Millersville University now to pick up Kid #3 for Holy Weekend -- won't even get into my rant of WHY I have to pick him up at 11:30 a.m. on Good Friday and go to Mass in Lancaster County. That'll be a post for another day.

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