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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pictures on Ravelry

For any of you knitters and crocheters out there who DON'T know about Ravelry.com, you must check it out. For anyone reading who is on Ravelry, my name there is LwyrBabe (old AOL name -- REALLY old) and I spent a delicious morning off posting pictures and projects and things I want to/need to knit and crochet. It was a truly yummy break from work that I gave myself as an early Easter present since I'm not allowed Cadbury eggs while on Weight Watchers.

This picture is of Ryan wearing his "Eagles socks" -- I always have something on the needles and hooks for Ryan Patrick; he actually asked me within minutes of these socks being finished that he'd like a new sweater. When I reminded him (sort of jokingly) that he had two sweaters, a hat, mittens, two pairs of socks in just the last six months, he said "I know, but I like when you make me things." He's been moved to the back of the line. Melissa's Pedicure Socks are next to be done!!

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