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Yes... I really DO have 5 kids

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My brain place

so.... 5 kids, a busy law practice, a wonderful husband and enough volunteer duties to choke an elephant. In my mid-forties, not too bad a place to be. In fact, I'm proud of where I am in life even if sometimes I don't take time to appreciate it.

I want more -- we all have goals and aspirations and I definately have those. I want to be planning my oldest daughter's wedding. I want my two older boys to do well in school and to find good jobs that are close to home when they graduate college in 2009 and 2011 respectively. I want my youngest son to continue to swim well and enjoy being a kid. I want the baby girl to continue to be my little Princess-in-training. I want quality time with the husband -- doing nothing together.

Mostly, I want the days to be longer so I can spend more time with the younger kids and MUCH more time knitting, crocheting and other crafty stuff. I want to have time to sit down for a weekend and do NOTHING except work on scrapbooks for each of the children. The ideas are always flowing (mostly because I spend two hours in traffic every day of the week!), but the time to actually create the ideas is lacking.

My life is right where it needs to be but I want more. My daughters aren't the only princesses.

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