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Friday, April 11, 2008

Warm, Dry weather -- AT LAST

I love Springtime. My allergies don't love the season, but there is nothing I enjoy more than that first day where the weather is warm enough to go sleeveless and the sun is shining. The aforementioned allergies kick in like clockwork on March 15th and last through mid-June. I've had severe allergies to Spring grass (and other early blooms) since I was 2 so I manage them and accept that they are what they are. HOWEVER, there is nothing more irritating to me than to have sinus pain, itchy skin and watery eyes and NOT be able to sit outside with the kids or to have to wear a coat (and I rarely wear coats). If I am going to be dealing with allergies, it needs to be warm and dry outside.

Yesterday was THAT DAY... the first one after the sniffling starts where I can change out of my business suit into a gauzy dress, where I can pick the baby up early and change her into a new tie dye sleveless dress without a sweatshirt, where my husband and I can after an after-work "coffee date" on our back patio while the baby gets muddy in the back yard and plays ball in the driveway with my next door neighbor (who has lived next door to me since I was 7; the kids call her "Aunt Kay"). That day where I forget to re-apply my moisterizer with sunblock and end up with a pink nose the next day.

This week started with me feeling pressured, overworked and unappreciated and ended with an afternoon in the sunshine and a new knitting group (1st meeting was last night) that is minutes from my home and an incredible group of knitters, crocheters and spinners -- people so talented that I would have felt completely inadequate except that no one in this group would ever make me feel that way.

It's amazing how one warm day can change a person's outlook.

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