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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Laziness

Today was delightful. I took Jenny swimming and there was a bang of thunder about 15 minutes into class (and yes... they clear the indoor pool) so I took her to the Healthy Kids fair they were having at the YMCA, got her a banana to eat and a new beach ball, came home and was a SLUG for the rest of the day.

Let's see... I worked on Jenny's pink sweater (it's almost done which is good since it won't fit her for much longer!), took pictures of my UFOs (unfinished objects for those of you who aren't crafters), updated my Ravelry pages WITH those pictures and listened to a big chunk of "Deception Point" by Dan Brown (the unabridged version) while knitting. GREAT book to read/listen to.

I also took video of Jenny playing outside -- she's so darn cute! The Human Monkey Child has learned to climb the ladder on the swingset and wants to go down the big slide by herself. Problem is that it's a steep slide and she gains LOTS of velocity so hubby needs to grab her! She's a menace.

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