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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Taking a breather


I have finally accepted that there IS too much that one human being can do and I overdid it in a big way in the past two months. It's a complete miracle (hence the thanking to God) that I am not (a) recovering from a stress-induced heart attack; (b) in jail for attempted murder of someone -- ANYONE -- who pushed my buttons at the wrong time; (c) sick with pneumonia again; or (d) huddled in a quivering pool of what used to be my emotional stability. No kidding... the last seven or eight weeks have been uncontrollably busy and stressful. And I missed the Phillies parade because I had promised to go into my son's class and do a Halloween craft -- 28 years and I'm playing with foam shapes with kids who are FLYING on sugar highs?!?!?!

Finally... since last Tuesday, I have a little space to breathe. Not a lot of space, but I don't feel as if I am choking from lack of sleep, too much work, too much politics, too much volunteerism, too many LATE nights where I don't even get home until after 10:30 and have to be up at 6 a.m. I somehow juggled it all (with help from some VERY awesome friends and with my oldest daughter helping occasionally with babysitting) and survived.

That being said... this is a QUICK post to say that I am going to take some "me time" whenever possible for the next few weeks. I had a manicure and pedicure last week for the first time since MAY. I sat and knit all day on Saturday while #4 was at a swim meet (getting his best time ever in butterfly). I was really productive in the crafting department -- I finished my babysitter's socks. I cast on Lissy's leg warmers. I cast on and finished Ryan's mittens. I cast on a hat for Ryan to match the mittens. I also am using a YUMMY new yarn called "Wisdom -- Los Angeles" which is a superwash sock yarn that feels NICE to work with, doesn't split and is really inexpensive (comparatively speaking of course).

I also got to go to NYC with my daughter and go see WICKED again -- that was also the day the Phillies won the World Series; there just aren't a lot of more perfect days than October 29th was. I got a new camera (had little choice on THAT purchase... most of my Halloween pics are horrid because I had serious camera issues). I have a massage and facial scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving too.

My sister and I played hooky last Friday afternoon to go to opening day of the new Bond flick -- Quantum of Solace. I'll give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5. DEFINITELY an improvement over "Casino Royale," but I'm still not sure about the moodiness of Daniel Craig as Bond. However, I haven't missed a Bond opening since the late 1970s and I was going to that movie. It was a nice treat to have my sister and I squeeze in 2 hours just with the two of us -- such time is virtually impossible for us. I had a BLAST!!!!

Politics.... obviously, I was not happy with the results of the election since I made my political positions quite clear. That being said, I was unsurprised by the results and I wish President-Elect Obama and his family well. This country was founded on the concept of coming together after an election -- perhaps BOTH major political parties need to do some work in that department -- if I, as someone who wouldn't have voted for Obama as dog catcher, am willing to be bi-partisan and give him a chance, other people need to do the same. I think 95% of the people who are supposed to be our "public servants" need to grow the heck up and stop throwing tantrums and power games.

So.... today it's off to court, lunch (working) with my best friend, a bar association function and then a GOP meeting.

I never said I would COMPLETELY slow down.

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Heather said...

Hello, good for you with the down time ,,,,LOL
You deserve it!